USPS Parcel Select Ground

USPS Parcel Select Ground

Firstly we have to know about what parcel select ground is and how it is used for us. USPS provides the best services to ship customers packages simply and most easily. They came up with so many services that are available to the customers to choose and to use based on their wishes.

This parcel select ground is one of the services provided by USPS. To know each and everything about parcel select ground, this is the platform to acquire information.

So, without any lag let’s discuss the topic.

Parcel select ground

USPS brought so many useful services at a low cost. This parcel select ground is one of the best and cheapest services to ship even though it is medium or heavy packages to the destination in the surroundings of the US.

In the past, this service came up with Parcel Posts but sometime after this name will be changed into Parcel Select Ground by USPS. This service is very low cost and targeted the merchants who are giving their shipping at a low price.

Everyone chooses the least time taken process to complete their work. In the same way, every customer thought about the time that takes to reach the package. When coming to this service this takes between 2 to 8 days to deliver which depends upon the distance.

The packages which are restricted to not sent through planes may use this service to ship items. The parcel select ground is probably useful to deliver domestically in the US. This service is useful for the customers who thought to reach packages to the necessary place and not hurry to receive.

USPS parcel select ground Rates

Usually, the rates will be dependent upon the weight and dimensions of the packages and how much distance it will travel. Make sure that you should maintain a maximum weight of 70lbs.

You can also know the price of your package through the shipping calculator provided by USPS. And also check the price list given on the USPS website

If the package gives more than 1cubic foot then dimension charges will be applied for it.

This is most useful for the online merchants who are ready to give their services to customers to ship the packages at a low cost. This parcel select ground is available online and we use this service through the USPS website and is quite easy to book your shipment through USPS online. This shipment is not available at postal offices.


USPS provides free tracking to check where your parcel is. For merchants, it is useful to track the package and to find the route of the package. Use your reference which is given at the time of booking to track your package. You can also share the information about the package to receivers to find the package by themselves up to the delivery of the item.

Types of Parcel Select Ground

  We have five types of parcel select grounds available to use. They are

  • Parcel Select Ground
  • Parcel Select Ground – NDC presort
  • Parcel Select Ground – Destination Entry
  • Parcel Select Ground – ONDC presort
  • Parcel Select Ground – lightweight.

Parcel select ground has no minimum package cutoff. But, for Parcel select ground – NDC presort, Parcel Select Ground – Destination Entry and Parcel Select Ground – ONDC presort the minimum packages needed will be 5 pieces. When coming to Parcel Select Ground – lightweight, the USPS parcel will be less than 1lbs.


To use this service we have to follow some rules to ship your package. They are

  • We have to maintain a maximum weight of 70lbs and length and girth will be 130 inches on the package.
  • The hazardous material which includes tobacco, cigarettes and also petroleum oils are not allowed to ship.


USPS doest include insurance on mailing cost. We have to pay an additional amount to get insurance on the package for protection.

Before choosing this service we have to pay attention to the process of shipping. It is a time taking process to reach the destination. Even though it comes with low cost but the delivery time will be more when compared to other services. Your parcel will be well packed. You could use a protective cover to avoid damage to the item.

This Parcel Select Ground service is available to drop off your parcel at home or other workplace or local stores.


Parcel select ground is cheapest and time is taken service. This is useful for merchants who provide low-cost services to customers. You must know about the full information about this mail service before using it. The complete information about Parcel Select Ground is given in this article. Hope this information is useful and to choose the right service in USPS.

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