Priority Mail Padded Flat Rate Envelope

Priority mail padded flat rate envelope

USPS is one of the biggest postal services which provides different types of services to transfer customer packages from one place to another place at the desired time. The padded flat rate envelope is one of the processes to send your package at a reasonable price.

People who go with priority mail services will use these envelopes with bubble padding envelopes to protect the package from the risk of damage. This is one of the best options to choose at a low price. We all know that among all the services provided by USPS this priority mail service is one of the best services which deliver the packages every day in a year (365 days).

One best thing in priority mail express is the money claim option. If your package is missing or damaged or dropped in an incorrect address you should claim the money from your package to get back. Let us discuss some important information about the Padded Flat Rate Envelope below.

Price and dimensions of Padded Flat Rate Envelopes

The dimension of the Padded Flat Rate envelope has 12 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ and you have to keep in mind that the maximum weight of the package must be 70 lbs because the price of the package will depend on the weight and Zone. length and girth of the package will not exceed 108”. Make sure that while packing, the envelope flaps will close at normal folds.

If given dimensions will increase then the cost will also increase per ounce. When you talk about the usual price for Commercial Base it is $7.55 and the price at Post Office (retail & online) is $8.00. These envelopes are best to mail your items like books, clothes and small gadgets.

Tracking and Delivery Time of Padded Flat Rate Envelope


To this service, USPS provides tracking availability. To know the route of your package you have to go to the official website of USPS and use a Tracking a Package tool by entering 22 numbered package id which is provided at the time of mailing which is look like 9205 5000 0000 0000 0000 00. You can find your tracking number in the following places provided below

  • Post office
  • The sales receipt is given at the time of insurance.
  • If you booked online they send a confirmation mail so you will get your Tracking ID there even if it is in or any other online retailers.
  • On the label of your package

Delivery Time

It takes 1 to 3 business days to deliver your package to your destination. USPS provides an option called Priority Mail Map that is used to check your approximate delivery time of parcels.

This is useful for the customers to check whose package will deliver to the area within 1- 3 days for priority mail. By entering your 3 or 5 digits Zipcode where your package is shipping.

Then the map will be visible on the page then zoom the place by dragging and see the place where you shipped the package.


  1. The delivery time will be 1-3 Business days.
  2. You don’t get any extra charges for fuel, Saturday delivery or residential delivery.
  3. Tracking and insurance are available for this service.
  4. You can pick your package at home or even at your workplace.
  5. There is an availability of Flat Rate, regional, and prepaid pricing.


For every service, you have to maintain some rules. So, you have to avoid hazardous material ie., Cigarette, Smokeless tobacco, and petroleum fuels.

Every customer has some doubts in their mind about Padded Flat Rate so let’s discuss some questions below:

FAQ Section

Q. How much does it cost to mail a 6×9 padded envelope?

For this padded envelope, you have to pay nearly $0.50. Every package with more than 1 ounce of $0.21 will be charged. You need to pay $0.71 when your package is between 1-2 ounce.

Q. Can I use my padded envelope for priority mail?

The packaging which is provided by USPS should be used for Priority Mail. If you want to use your envelope you have mark priority mail on it.

Q. Does USPS have free padded envelopes?

Yes, you can make an order for free to get a padded flat rate envelope with bubble padding to protect your package from damage.

Q. Can I put a stamp on a bubble mailer?

You should keep a postage stamp on bubble mailer like the other one. Based on the weight of the pack you have to add some more postage stamps on it.

Q. Does the post office have envelopes?

yes, priority mail envelopes are available at any post office, or else you can order online to get it.


Mostly priority mail users are eligible to use this padded flat envelope with bubble padded to protect the package. so, this is one of the best options to send your package to your destination without damage. Hope this information is useful for you.

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