Can I Pickup a USPS Package before Delivery

Many people in US wants to pick up their parcel before the delivery time but due to lack of information they have no idea of doing so. There may be many reasons behind doing and there must be common query in their mind that can I pick up USPS package before delivery or can I pick up a parcel at post office?

The answer is YES, but this is not enough, there is a complete process of getting early USPS package. So in this article you will get to know in detail about the question that USPS package before delivery or not.  

Why People Prefer USPS?

There are many big delivery system available in USA but most of the people prefer USPS because USPS or USPS mail is the independent authority that is regulating after 1971 and gives guarantee to deliver the parcel at cheap price and if we consider the speed of delivery then USPS is the ultimate winner. The above two are the most important reason behind preferring USPS over any other.

Can I Pickup a USPS Package before Delivery?

The answer is yes, you can pick up your package before delivery but you must have a valid reason for doing so. Post office distributes mails around 4 to 6 AM and provides to the carriers by 8 AM. You can get hold of someone in the morning before the carrier hit the street then package can be held at window location for you.

Although condition vary according to area but In order to pickup before, you have to inform them before going for pick up that means you can’t pick up any package without prior notice.

USPS is very strict towards their security so you have to call on the helpline number of USPS and after that you have to submit your tracking number along with the identity proof and then they will help in pre delivery or early pick up.

So here are some methods that will help you in knowing the process that how to picking up your parcel before the final delivery date.

1. Place Your Package on Hold for pick up

The United states Postal service offers the option of hold for pick up that means if you want that your parcel doesn’t comes to your home and you want to pick up from the office each time then you have to submit them a request and after getting the request, they will always hold your mail for pick up and by doing so you can get early delivery every time and then you are able to pick up your important mail from the nearest post office.

The process can be done through online process and each time when you pick up the service then they will inform you through SMS and email. If you don’t pick up the mail at particular point of time then they will re inform you through the same process.

There is an option through which you can continue your previous delivery system for the rest of the order except accumulated mail & packages.

The USPS hold service is available for


Permit imprint

Priority mail express service along with retain post office location

Holding parcel for a period of time

(Note: There is no fee if you pick up your parcel before 10:30 and after that there is a nominal delivery charge)      


There is another option through which you can redirect your parcel to delivery that means you can easily redirect a domestic shipment order that hasn’t delivered but for that, you need approval for the package and after that approval, one can direct the package to different location or you can also hold that delivery for pick up (as mentioned above).

How USPS Package Intercept Works?

The USPS package intercept is available for letters, parcel and flats and proceed by tracking the barcode and also through the other process. In order to package intercept, you need to check that your item is eligible for delivery or not.

In order to check that your item is eligible or not you need to click on this below link.

If your item is eligible then you have to login your account and request to get before delivery. It will give you an estimated amount and redirect that shipment.

Limitation of USPS Package Intercept

If item is intercepted then you have to pay extra fee

Non refundable fees

Not available for all mail service

Size Limitation up to 108 inches


You can pickup the mail before the delivery date but make sure that you must have valid reason behind that like address change or any legal issues. So in this article we have covered every aspect that will help you in pick up the package before delivery date. So we hope you will get your answers and if you still want to know anything regarding pre pickup then feel free to ask in the comment section of this article.

We feel more than happy to assist you.

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