Have you lost USPS Tracking Number or Receipt?

Have you lost your USPS tracking number?

Don’t worry. We have a solution for you as there are many people who face the same issue of losing their USPS tracking number. So in this article we have shared the detailed information about the issue of losing of USPS receipt or USPS number.

USPS Tracking number is the unique digits through which you can track your shipment but in case if you lost that receipt or tracking number then you may face some issue.

So let’s start with the solution.

Lost USPS tracking Number

Losing tracking number is one of the most common issues that are being faced by many US citizens and the reason behind losing is none other than carelessness and ignorance but the matter is not that large. You have a solution through which you will get the mail and package

What to do if you lost USPS tracking number?

There are two places where tracking number is written i.e. on the package and on the receipt. So it totally depends upon the delivery option that you choose. The USPS has two delivery options one is normal delivery and other is priority mail express.

In case, if you are the priority mail express user then USPS will helps to fetch the information and helps to track your shipment and for that you have to visit to the nearest post office and then they will provide you the tracking number or receipt number.

On the other hand if you are normal user then there is no such option available for you. The only thing you can do is to wait for the package to be delivered on its destination. Generally it takes 28 days in the shipment of your product.

There are some other locations where you can find your USPS tracking number

  • You can Check your Post Office shipping receipt
  • Check the confirmation email sent by USPS while they shipped your item
  • Check bottom peel lob option of your confirmation receipt
  • The confirmation mail sent by retailer

Have you lost your USPS tracking number details?

If you have got your package, then you don’t need to report for the tracking number. You simply need to provide some information like date and time of the shipment that will defiantly help you out.

If post office doesn’t find your package

In case if post office doesn’t find your product then you can contact the post office branch and consult them for the solution and if the product was covered by insurance then you should claim a file for the package so that you can get the insurance amount.


USPS is the authority service so there is a legal and systematic approach through which you may got your lost package. So we hope you will defiantly get the answer the entire questions regarding the USPS tracking number lost or USPS receipt. If you still have anything regarding this subject then you can simply ask in the comment section below.

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