Difference Between USPS Hold Mail & Mail Forwarding

Many people in US get confused between the two service of USPS i.e. Hold mail and mail forwarding service and have a curiosity to know in detail. They exactly wants to know that what hold mail is, and what is mail forwarding and apart from these what is the difference between them.

So in this article we have covered all differences between USPS hold mail service and USPS mail forwarding service. 

USPS Hold Mail

There are many chances when we can’t receive our mails and parcel as we are not available in the city or due to any other reason so in that case United states postal service provides hold mail service that allows user to put the mail item on hold for 30 days for free of cost.

So in case if you are going for vacation or any emergency business trip then it is advised to use USPS hold mail service. It will hold your item for a month your accumulated mail item on the last date of your holding mail request.

In order to use USPS hold mail service you just need to apply it through online and post office.

Important points

It doesn’t hold for more than 30 days.

Through online and post office for request

Within hold time you don’t get any delivery on your address

Specifically designed for emergency travel

USPS mail forwarding

This is another great option provided by USPS. USPS mail forwarding service helps in case if you are moving out to a new location for more than 30 days then this will help you out. It will helps to deliver all your mails in your new location so if you are going for a trip for 6 months then it will help you in delivering your mail to your new location. On the other hand if you are going out for less than 1 month then you can use USPS hold mail service.

You can change the address with USPS. The change can be temporary or permanent so you can choose the service according to your need and requirement.

Important Points

Forward your mail to your new location

Helps in case your shifted your home temporary or permanently

Redirect all your parcel and items to new address


We hope you will get to know the difference between hold mail and mail forwarding service although both are the most convenient service provided by USPS so you have to decide which service will help you in your case.

If you still have any query related to these two services then you can ask in the comment section just below the article.

We will be happy to assist you.

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